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Thread: Golden Contender Daily Sports system Picks Thread

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    Huge Hump day card has the NCAAB Game of the Month on ESPN 2, The NBA 21-1 Game of the Week and 5* Triple perfect total. Tuesday card sweeps for 2nd straight night. Free NBA Play below.

    On Wednesday the free NBA Play is to play over the total in the Orlando at Boston game. Rotation numbered 709/70 at 7:35 eastern. This game fits a nice 82% totals system that plays for games to go over the total in the NBA when we have a home favorite of less than 5 like The Celtics with 1 day of rest and are off a road favorite win and cover while scoring 90 or more points, if they are taking on an opponent that lost and failed to cover the spread like Orlando in a game where they scored 90 or less points. The Magic have flown over in 3 of 4 after scoring 85 or less points, while Boston has played over in 11 of 13 off 3 or more games that played under the total and both times this year as a home favorite from -6.5 to -9. Look for the one to go over the total. On Hump day we come off a 2nd straight sweep and the NCAAB Game of the Month is up on ESPN 2 As well as a dog with bite in later action. In the NBA The 21-1 Game of the Week and a 5* Triple perfect total take center stage. Hoops is on fire. Message to Jump on now and put these powerful plays on your side. For the free play take Orlando and Boston to play over the total. GC

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    Thursday Double Perfect NFL Power system play is up nil is ranked #1 for 6th straight week on several leader boards. The Undefeated totals system of the Week in the NBA and a Powerful NCAAB Road warrior play with 8 angles and a big RPI scale indicator. Free NCAAB play below.

    On Thursday the free NCAAB Play is on Pacific. Game 526 at 10:00 eastern. Pacific will look to bounce back off a home loss the other night to Western Michigan. They pick up an easier game on their schedule vs a Nevada team that is ranked 322 in the RPI Scale. Pacific has won 52 of 66 vs teams who allow 64 or less and all 4 this year in that role. They have covered 5 of 6 vs Mountain West conference teams and 22 of 31 off a non conference game. As a home favorite from -3.5 to -6 they have covered 6 of 8. Nevada is a mess and has lost 7 straight. In the series they have lost 6 of the 7 here and that's with far better teams than they have tonight. All 5 of their road games have resulted in losses and by an average 11 points per game. Play Pacific tonight. On Thursday another powerhouse card is led by the Double Perfect NFL System play. NFL Continues to rank # for a 6th straight week. In the NBA Its the Total of the Week from a huge league wide totals system. NBA on a 12-2 run. Finally in College hoops its a Powerful road warrior play with a Powerful RPI Scale indicator edge and 8 big angles. MESSAGE to Jump on now as Hoops is hot and cash out with the most powerful data available. For the free play take Pacific. GC

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    T.G.I.F Power card has the 100% NBA Eastern Conference Total of the Month and a 100% Dominator system. In College Hoops its the 5* Dog of the Month from a long term 94% NCAAB System. Early Bowl game also up. Thursday card sweeps. Free NBA Play below.

    On Friday the free NBA Play is on the Cleveland Cavaliers. Game 510 at 7:35 eastern. The Cavs will look to bounce back from a terrible blowout loss here to Atlanta tonight. There is a solid league wide system in this game that applies and plays against the Nets and any team as a road dog of 5 or more with rest if they are off a road dog ats loss and scored 90 or less in their last game, vs an opponent off a home favored spread loss by 14 or more points, like the Cavs, that scored 90 or more. These road dogs are 1-16 and 3-14 to the spread the last 20 seasons. The Nets look to be in the wrong place at the wrong time here as the Cavs should be ready to play tonight. Tae Cleveland. On Friday a powerful card takes center stage led by the Eastern Conference Total of the Month and the 100% Never lost Dominator system. In College Hoops the lead play is the 94% Dog of the Month system play. Hoops has been rolling. Contact by PRIVATE MESSAGEto Jump on and start the week big as our first Bowl release is also released tonight. Thursday card sweeps. For the free play take the level and Cavaliers. GC

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    SAT: NFL Game Of The Month 4-100% Systems and angles + Triple Perfect NFL Total, 3 BIG Bowl systems all from systems that are perfect or high 90/s%. 3 Big College Hoops TV Simulator Sides and 2 Powerful NBA Plays, too much to list. NFL Remains Ranked #1 for 6th straight week. Free Bowl play below.

    The Free New Mexico Bowl play is on UTEP + the 10 points. Game 203 at 2:20 eastern. UTEP has not won a bowl game in 47 years but they are getting double digits here which is key. Bowl favorites of more than 7 in December have ben profitable fades through they years and are even stronger at -8.5 or more and playing off a loss, vs an opponent off a loss Like Utah St is here. Bowl dogs of 10 or more that won 3 or less games last year have covered 10 of 12 times vs teams who have won a win percentage of .667 or higher. Utah St is 1-4 ats vs non conference teams and 0-3 straight up vs Conference USA Teams. The Miners have covered 8 of 10 on Saturday and qualify in a rushing bowl dog indicator. UTEP Hangs around for the cover. On Saturday a Tremendous card is up with a Triple Perfect NFL Totals system, the NFL Quad Perfect Game Of the Month, 3 Huge Bowl system sides and 2 Gigantic NBA Plays one a 100% Blowout the other a 94% dog, also a Trio of NCAAB Simulator sides with Perfect Power Angles. Football is ranked #1 overall at several high end Leader Boards for a 6th straight week. Contact BY PRIVATE MESSAGE to Get on the Most Powerful plays available all day and night on Saturday and cash big. For the free play take Texas El Paso plus the points.

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    On Sunday in the NFL There are 4 Powerful Undefeated Power system plays up one is the 19-0 NFC West Game Of The Year. NFL is ranked #1 for a 6th straight week. In The NBA its a Big Blowout system and a 91% Totals system. Free NFL Power System Play below.

    On Sunday the free NFL System Play is on the Chicago Bears +8. Game 112 at 1:00 eastern. J. Cutler is benched and the line is not up over 8 points with Jimmy Clausen at Qb. Chicago should play much better as some of their players get the message that their inept play will cost them their jobs. The Bears fit some solid bounce back indicators here. Detroit and any road favorite off 3 or more wins are 0-6 to the spread vs a team off 2+ losses. The Bears have won 13 of 17 off a Monday night games and 7 of 8 if their opponent is off a win. The Lions are 0-6 ats off a win if they had no turnovers and could be looking ahead to next weeks showdown vs the Packers. The Lions are also 5-21 ats vs teams who allow 27 or more points per game and 0-9 at vs a team that allows 260 or more yards passing. Chicago is 11-2 ats at home with revenge for a loss by 14 or more points. Chicago may not win but they should get the cover. On Sunday we have another Powerful card led by the NFC West Game Game Of The Year and 3 More Big Sides including Colts and Cowboys. There are 4 plays in all and each have multiple perfect angles and at least one undefeated system. In Hoops its a Big 100% NBA Blowout system and a 91% NBA Totals System. NFL is tanked #1 for a 6th straight week on high end leader boards. Jump on now and put the power of the most innovative data in the industry on your side. For the free play take the 8+ points with Chicago. GC

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