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Thread: A Little Mid-Winter Fun with the LA Clippers...

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    Default A Little Mid-Winter Fun with the LA Clippers...

    One of my favorite things other than super situations, the LA Clippers basically being displaced for almost a month...

    Some quick notes(we'll look at individual games going forward)...

    -11 of 12 games on the road

    -Complete the 1st half of season with Atlanta at home

    -January 24th @ Philadelphia, then a break till 28th @ Golden State

    -My own personal guesstimate, they will spend around 6 days out of 23 at home during this stretch.

    Jan 21 @ Denver Nuggets 9:00 PM
    Jan 23 @ Atlanta Hawks 7:30 PM
    Jan 24 @ Philadelphia 76ers 7:00 PM
    Jan 28 @ Golden State Warriors 8:30 PM
    Feb 1 @ Phoenix Suns 9:00 PM
    Feb 2 Golden State Warriors 10:30 PM
    Feb 5 @ Boston Celtics 2:00 PM
    Feb 6 @ Toronto Raptors 7:30 PM
    Feb 8 @ New York Knicks 8:00 PM
    Feb 11 @ Charlotte Hornets 5:00 PM
    Feb 13 @ Utah Jazz 9:00 PM
    Feb 15 Atlanta Hawks 10:30 PM

    Obviously there is one spot there that just screams "max play"...

    More to come, thoughts appreciated.

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    the clippers seem to always destroy the sixers, just something ive noticed as a fan. id lay up to 10 on them

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    Which one is screaming max play, Raptors?

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    Such an interesting schedule with the Suns game sandwiched in between the two warriors games. Personally, right now, I don't see anything of interest. The home game vs the Warriors is going to feel like a road game for them. Then they have 2 days off after that so it kind of negates the play @ Boston.
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