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    28 day recap (was one day early yesterday)

    beg weight: 186.6
    current weight: 181.2
    weight loss: 5.4

    desserts: 2
    late night meals: 1
    bad snacking: 1 (new year's eve, so I don't feel too bad)
    pop: 2
    booze: 2 drinks 2 times

    gym: twice a week of late, swimming one day, lifting the other. would really like to increase this to at least 3 times a week, but I have had a lot of work to do at night on side projects which has made it tough. Going to finish up some work this week for a client and then am going to tell him that i'm taking a break. Would really like a month where I don't have to think about his bullshit and can do what I want at night.

    stretching, core stuff at home: more i do of this, the better I feel, which gives me more energy to go the gym. twice a week at this, would really like to increase this to at least 4 times a week. no excuse not to do some when I'm watching sports. trying to rebuild my core to function better, which will hopefully help my back issues.

    Overall, think I'm doing pretty good. Getting off of the 4th meal late at night was a monumental achievement as I've been probably eating a 4th meal 3-5 times a week for probably like 7 years. I hadn't really done any gym stuff since my youngest was born and he's 18 months now, so good to get that going. Still eating a little too carby, which I think is prob what's holding me back the most. mrs cub likes to make cheese bread and pasta, so I def need to make sure my lunches are more protein/fat than I have been doing. Been trying to sleep more as well. Had been better at the start of this, but I've been back to like 6 hours of late which doesn't help.
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    Nice job cub

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    great progress

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