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  1. Old School CTG

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    Where it at? I mean, I don't go back to the day when tru was a mod(was that real!?) and I heard Toronto mike was too.....

    Let's bring this shit back....I know we lost some folks along the way, but GD used to jump ( I know I know.....I make this thread EVERY summer and get told the same shit )

    But, it's different this time out.....we need the old school peeps in here....where is Jump...CKR( damn anyone talk to him!?)....STEED comes around in the AM just to talk shit
  2. No Opinion

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    Blogging this post because it is awesome.
  3. ***all free agent signings/trades thread***

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    This clipper meltdown reminded me when young William said a few years ago they were going to

    'own LA'
  4. Big Al Reno

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    It's like wade and Twinkie had a cousin that lived in California
  5. Hello From California

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    Hi, the Name's Vernon a coach for a baseball team here at a local College and a husband and father. I'm new and glad to be here.